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Rouge Valley Medical Center New Patient Tower, Medford,
Oregon Commissioned by Toombs & Associates

TOOMBS & ASSOCIATES ENGINEERING SPECIALISTS, INC. is a company that provides specialized consulting services to facility managers and operators. These consulting services include commissioning, recommissioning, retro-commissioning, troubleshooting of system problems, operation and maintenance manual development, and the development of preventative maintenance programs.

Through the use of practical, common sense engineering skills, Toombs & Associates approaches each of our client’s needs as if it were our own. When we commission, re-commission, retro-commission, troubleshoot, develop O&M manuals, and PM systems, we do it knowing full well that we are only successful if we keep your perspective in mind as we provide our service. We do this by concentrating on providing service that we would see as a benefit to us, if we were the manager or operator of your facility.

Toombs & Associates’ philosophy is one of providing our clients with the best services and knowledge, beneficial in meeting their needs and goals. We ensure this philosophy by:

  • Having a good understanding from the start of work of the client’s needs and expectations through excellent lines of communication
  • Having a broad base of experience in dealing with the services we are providing to the client
  • Having a broad base of experience knowing what the client, as a facility manager and/or operator, has to deal with on a day-to-day basis
  • Keeping up with commissioning trends through membership in professional organizations such as the Building Commissioning Association, ASHRAE, American Consulting Engineers Council, the National Fire Protection Association, the US Green Building Council, and the Association for Facilities Engineers.

Toombs & Associates is proud of the detail that we provide in our design criteria, functional test procedures, commissioning plans, balancing agendas, and system one-line diagrams. Our functional test procedures are very detailed and explicit, going far past a typical verification of installation check-off sheet. These tests are designed to simulate all situations that the specific system will experience under normal and adverse conditions. They are developed on a job specific basis and written to eliminate the subjectivity of your typical testing formats.

Toombs & Associates is also proud of the team spirit we display in carrying out our services. We recognize that it is only through a team effort by the contractor, design team, owner, and commissioning agent, that projects are successfully completed. We ensure that all problems are identified and that an agreeable solution is reached to assure our client of a workable system and facility. However, we also feel the demeanor we use in performing these services is such that the contractor and design team feel that we are complementing and assisting their own efforts to assure that the client receives an excellent product.

Toombs & Associates main office is located in Englewood, Colorado with a second office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


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